• Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

Mizoram Police strong against ill use of social media, requests public to be alert

Mizoram Police promptly and professionally acted on the viral video on social media since yesterday who had assaulted a lady and an infant. It was a very reprehensible and despicable act, arousing strong feelings of unrest and disapproval in all sections of society. Mizoram Police acting on the probe through different social media platforms apprehended the accused by establishing the identity of the assaulter. Acting upon the information provided by District Special Branch (DSB) Aiaha Police acted swiftly and nabbed out the assaulter Lalramdinsanga (25) s/o SB Gurung(L) of Siaha Tlah-II from Ins residence and today within 24 hours, by showing excellent inter-district co-ordination further investigation is underway. Case is being registerred at Siaha PS under appropriate sections of law. Mizoram Police once again requests all citizens to refrain from such kind of violent act against women and children as it brings bad name to Mizo Society and also make them liable for strong punitive action under various sections of law.

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