• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Best teacher recipient Elina Begum felicitated by MJA.

Margherita Journalists Association on thursday felicitated Elina Begum headmistress of 4 No makum pather primary school of Margherita for achieving Best Teacher award on the eve of teachers day which was organised by Tinsukia district Administration on 5th September.

Margherita Journalists Association vice president Bikash Baruah, General Secretary Prashanto Chetia, Assistant Secretary Tapan Dey,Treasurer Mithun Baruah, executive members Abdul Alim and Pratik Chetry where Tinsukia district Journalists Association General Secretary Rana Jyoti Neog was presented during the felicitation.

Elina Begum was felicitated with a traditional Assamese Gamosha,a Cheleng Chador, a Xorai and a citation by the members of Margherita Journalist Association.

Rana Jyoti Neog said that since civilization Teacher is that person who makes a child to know the world and without Teacher a humanity, society and nation cannot get developed so everyone should respect teachers as they are the highest respected persons of our society.

Elina Begum said that I have been awarded the Best Teacher award on the eve of Teachers day by Tinsukia district Administration for which I am very much obliged to the students, parents and my colleagues as without them I couldn’t be able to receive the award.

I was the founder member of 4 No makum pather primary school was established in the year 1987 and in the year 1991 the school got provincialized and I took as the charge of headmistress in the year 2OO9 since 13 years as a headmistress I am doing my duty sincerely and punctually said Elina Begum.

Under Tinsukia district Margherita Journalist Association is the only Journalist organisation that felicitates every persons for their outstanding contribution in every sphere towards the society, humanity and nation.

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