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Majuli’s “Mukha culture” attracts foreign tourists now eager to learn the art of it

ByNE India Broadcast

Sep 11, 2022

( By NE India Broadcast)

The traditional Mukha Culture in Assam’s Majuli has a rich legacy and has also brought in an identity to Northeast with the heritage it holds, thereby serving as a connect between the locals and tourists.

Majuli’s Mukha Culture has yet again attracted foreign tourists who are now at the Samaguri satra and be eager to learn the art of it. The foreigners have also been welcomed by locals in a traditional way.

“Majuli is very beautiful. We have seen the masks and the beauty of Brahmaputra. It has been a wonderful experience in Majuli”, said one of the lady tourists to local media following journalists’ queries.

Photo: Moharana Choudhury

The river island Majuli leads to the Sri Sri Dakhinpat Satra, Sri Sri Garamur Satra, Sri Sri Uttar Kamalabari Satra, Sri Sri Bengena Ati Satra, Sri Sri Samaguri Satra, Sri Sri Bhogpur Satra and beyond for the tourists.

With headquarters in Garmur, Majuli is located in Upper Assam with one sub-division, two revenue circles and two development blocks. Majuli has a population of 1,67,304 and also covers a picturesque geographical area of 483 sq km.

Photo: Moharana Choudhury

“Indulge yourself in Majuli far away from the restless city life. You will be amazed by its countryside charm and warm hospitality the locals have to offer. The perfect spot to witness nature, culture and ethnic diversity.”, reads a tweet by Awesome Assam on September 10.

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