• Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Preparatory meeting for the coming Durga puja celebration held at the block conference hall of Margherita sub divisional office.

A preparatory meeting for the Durga Puja celebration was held on friday which was presided by Palash Rajkumar Ahom, ADC(i/c) Margherita in the conference hall of the Block Development Office, Margherita. The meeting was attended by officials of various departments, Members of Municipals Boards and all the Durga Puja committees and clubs. The ADC(i/c) remarked that this year the Government has not yet released any Covid protocol to be followed, so the general public can celebrate the occasion without the mandatory use of masks and covid restrictions. However, in pursuance of the smooth conduct of the Durga Puja celebration, the ADC drew certain instructions and general guidelines for the Puja Committees and Clubs to be followed like the timely immersion of the Idols on the last day of the 4 days celebration with proper co-ordination and discipline. He also added that enough numbers of volunteers are to be employed for controlling the crowd; the route maps are to be marked, arrange parking spaces if available, prioritize the safety measures in the Puja pandals and maintain food hygiene during the preparation of Prasad. Also, to avoid delay in the process of issuing permissions, the ADC asked the organizers to apply for permission beforehand.

ADC also assured that the administration would coordinate with Municipal Boards, IOCL, Digboi and APDCL, so that all the street lights are functional before the festivities begin.

Hemanta Boro, Sub Divisional police officer, Margherita, also spoke in the meeting and advised the Puja Committees to be vigilant and co-operate with the police department, the VDPs and Panchayat Committees will also be involved during the festivity as per requirements.

Hemanta Boro said that Police Control rooms will be set up at the site of immersion and advised the organizers to maintain the volume of loudspeakers. The SDPO also warned the committees on the issue of forceful collection of donations in the name of Puja and said that strict actions will be taken against the perpetrators.

Ranjit Bordoloi officer in charge of Digboi police station advised the Puja committees not to organize DJ functions in and around the pandals during the celebration and show respect by playing only religious songs and traditional musical instruments like Dhaak.

Anand Kumar Sharma, Chairman of Margherita Municipal Board also urged the committees to adhere to the rules relating to the Ban on Single-use Plastic and not use any thermocol for decoration.

Anand Sharma also asked the organizing committees to maintain cleanliness and properly collect the garbage to be disposed of by the board.

The ADC requested all present in the meeting to co-operate with the administration in maintaining the sanctity of the festivities with due relevance to the Environment and peaceful conduct of the occasion in Margherita sub-division.

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