• Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Funeral of Assamese Subject at Blue Bird Senior Secondary School, Bargolai

“School is a Temple and teachers are our God” which every students of this planet knew it very well and Human Civilization development begins with education but unfortunately at Margherita sub division of Tinsukia district mushrooming of private schools have murder State language Assamese by hook and crook said Kanchan Borah General Secretary of Asom Jatiyotabadi Yuba Chaatra Parishad(AJYCP) Tinsukia district committee.

Private schools has turned into a golden eggs duck for those who run private English medium school at Margherita sub division as for them Education is not human service but a mode of income only said Kanchan Borah.

On Thursday an unprecedented incident occurred at private English medium Blue Bird Senior Secondary school, Bargolai under Margherita sub division where students were given blatant mistake question paper of Assamese subject on the ongoing class 4 Half yearly examination and this has brought chaos at Margherita sub division which Conscious section people of Margherita has condemned the irresponsible duty of the School management shown towards the students of Blue Bird Senior Secondary School, Bargolai.

Kanchan Borah said that as already Assam Government has started closing Government schools only to rise private English medium schools at Assam which Blue Bird Senior Secondary School Bargolai has shown it and I demand to Palash Rajkumar Ahom,ADC(i/c) of Margherita Administration for a fare and impartial enquiry against the management of Blue Bird Senior Secondary School, Bargolai said Kanchan Borah.

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