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Hallmark of India, Cheetahs are back; From Namibia to Kuno National Park, MP!

ByNE India Broadcast

Sep 17, 2022

( By NE India Broadcast)

India is known for the rich biodiversity and the nation takes pride in having the vast range of wild treasure. There are the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries that add the cause of wildlife conservation.

PM Narendra Modi released the cheetahs that were brought from Namibia this morning, at Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh. This is seen as a historic moment for the country in line with the speciality.

“Project Cheetah is our endeavour towards environment and wildlife conservation”, reads a tweet by PM Modi today morning. He has delivered a valued speech on the special occasion, lauded by many so far.

Hereby, India continues in its mission of conservation of wildlife. Kuno National Park, Madhya Road becomes the new home and habitat for cheetahs. Indeed our pride!

“Cheetahs being brought by chartered cargo flight of Boeing 717 flight. This aircraft has been chosen so flight does not have to stop for refuelling & can reach India directly”, said SP Yadav, Chief of Project Cheetah yesterday to the media.

He added, “The aircraft will have 8 cheetahs, crew, wildlife experts, veterinary doctors, scientists, officials, Indian High Commissioner in Namibia, Laurie Marker Cheetah expert along with her 3 biologists. Special crates as per international standards used to bring the Cheetahs.”

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