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Who is responsible for the destruction of World famous Coal Queen of Margherita ?

If the police raid there, many bodies will be recovered. That’s the fear of conscious people If Assam police, the forest department and Margherita Administration (Civil) takes action, who will have the courage to do that?

Ledu is famous for its coal. There are coal mines in Ledu, Namdang, Bargolai,Tikak,Tirap and Tipong while most of the coal mines have been stopped by court orders. However, the use of coal has not stopped. Coal is now a business worth billions of rupees.

The illegal coal mines in Ledu are mined by workers from South Assam. Many workers from Jogighopa, Goalpara and Garohills are still working there. They enter the mine tunnels with bags and shovels in their hands.

Many workers return from the coal mines with burdens on their backs. Their salaries are not very high. There are many accidents in traditional coal mining using unscientific methods. Often toxic gases are released, mine tunnels collapse and workers are trapped inside.
These are news or things that journalists know. Local journalists seem to know nothing about the news. The police closed their eyes. Parties and organizations regularly receive ‘love’ from the owners of such coal mines.

The forest department is blindfolded where many times Nature lovers raised there voices. Journalists report but the news does not fall into the eyes of Assam Government.

An example of how inhuman and irresponsible this is is an incident that happened on Sunday, September 18, Poisonous gas was released from a coal mine near Congress Field in Ledo under Margherita sub division of Tinsukia district.

Many may have heard the news that it happened in the evening but the administration should have recovered the body of the worker and contacted his family members. That was not done. The victims were identified as Shahidul Islam, Hussain Ali of Jogighopa in Bangagaon district and Asmat Ali of Baguan in Goalpara district.

Their bodies were buried by JCB at 10 pm.They were accompanied by other workers working in the coal mine which the family complained.

A worker there secretly told the family the news. There was a great deal of grief in the family. The coal mine was owned by David Naga. Several other workers were detained for fear of leaking news of their deaths.

Their mobile phones were taken away. This is an incident that has come to light. There can be no reason why many such incidents have not happened before. Maybe it does, it just doesn’t let things out all together.

Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to prevent the smuggling of coal, cattle and sugarcane. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to prevent the smuggling of coal, cattle and sugarcane. Hundreds of workers from southern Assam are still working in Ledu.

Many workers who go to work in the coal mines do not return home. If the police and administration investigate, there is a good chance that the bodies or skeletons of the missing workers will be recovered around these places.

Why isn’t action taken? Poor workers are taken to coal mining through the sardars. There is no protection for them. They go ahead to do it themselves in the hope of a couple of bucks.

The employers don’t think about those workers. When will the government, the opposition, parties, organizations and the media have a chance to think? Occasionally they are news. Therefore, no one needs to speak out against illegal coal mining in Ledu.

When the pockets are heavy, the mouths are closed. There are many such untold stories in the illegal coal mines in Lidu. The deaths of the three workers were not reported from the scene of the deaths during the day. It was only after hearing the cries of the families of the deceased workers that the news was given by someone unrelated to the mine.

Will this be the end of the nexus? The Chief Minister, who has sent warnings against syndicates and illegal coal mining, should hand over the police and give strict orders to find out whether these things are true or false. They are trying to cover up the whole incident by burying the bodies of three workers with JCBs when even worse incidents are happening in the name of coal mining and will continue to happen if no action is taken.

(The article is solely the opinion of the authors. The views expressed here are solely personal and not in any way connected to any organisation or any political party ).

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