• Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

Mid-career interaction program for Officers of Armed Forces and Civil Services begins in HQ 101 Area, Shillong

The program with the theme of “Evolving Joint Functional Structures for Real-Time Intelligence Gathering and Sharing,” began today and will culminate on September 22.

Speaking at the program, Lt Gen KC Panchnathan, AVSM, GOC 101 Area, brought out the challenges in intelligence gathering as a large number of intelligence agencies are involved, which requires greater coordination. He stressed the need for an integrated intelligence set-up for the seamless flow of information. He urged the participants to contribute wholeheartedly to arriving at better and refined structures. 

During the event, a large number of Speakers of repute and Subject Experts will be interacting with the participants. The interaction program will benefit both the Armed forces and Civil Services Officers through mutual learning from each other’s strengths and exchanging the best values, culture, customs and ethos with each other. This, in the long run is expected to help combat future challenges to National Security in a better and more coordinated way.

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