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“Eco-friendly Durga Puja ”

ByNE India Broadcast

Sep 23, 2022

“Durga Puja” may this Puja brings happiness to all of us. This is a moments of great joy and celebration in our country people show their faith in unique ways simple rituals take on a different colour and with each passing year, they become more cumbersome, the celebrations being on a grandiose scale. During the “Durga Puja”, however, the celebration fever reaches a high pitch and everything else is given the go-by, happiness and time for celebration but along with that we also need to take care for our mother nature i.e. for the environment also so we need to practise an eco-friendly “Durga Puja” With rising air and noise pollution, we the citizens should also think about the environmental issues and consciousness towards the mother nature.

We citizens also should realize that immersion of idols in natural water bodies such as lakes, river and other water bodies dangerous for the environment so that need to take care about the idols and these should chemical free as we need to take care of idols during their preparation time by using nature friendly products so that after immersion it should not harm the environment, as idols made of natural clay dissolve within few hours, in many cases on next day of visarjana, The entire issue is focussed on environmental ethics at the same time maintaining the traditional practices.

Traditionally, the idols of “Maa Durga” are made in clay and since the practice is to make it in clay, their immersion will not pollute the water. The traditional idols are better for environmental concern then artificial one as the artificial idols are made of different products and chemicals that are not nature friendly some time the remains of idols are seen floating on the shores of water bodies that are generally made of Plaster of Paris which takes several months to dissolve. We should also think about the noise pollution issue during puja time and try to keep a nice environment for everyone.

Thus this time request to all citizens that this time should think about our mother nature and celebrate a, safe and eco-friendly “Durga Puja”.

We all are here for a great novel and must work as a need for better and progressive future of mankind. For the same we want to develop a deep hearty connection with every individual of the globe through mass environmental awareness and nature conservation.

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