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Assam govt. signs MoU with Isha Foundation for sustainable use of soil

In a move to draw a roadmap for holistic development of the state and to create a blueprint for expediting its growth as we all making it a model on all sectors, Chief Minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma along with spiritual leader Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev inaugurated a three day Chintan Shivir at Kaziranga today.
The Chintan Shivir over three days will have elaborate discussions and deliberations involving the Chief Minister, other cabinet ministers, senior bureaucrats of the state, bureaucrats from other states, functionaries from Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister Dr. Sarma said that Assam was once a very flourishing state and its State GDP growth was more than the national average. The per capita income of the state was also more than the national average, he said. Though the state is contributing greatly to growth of the nation, in the last 75 years the growth of the state has not been as encouraging as it should have been. Referring to the devastation caused by the great earthquake and subsequent floods and other developments, the Chief Minister said that all these had a negative effect on common psychology of the people. However, making a turn around, the present State government with the able guidance of the Central government has unleashed a series of activities which have given a new momentum to the development of the state. The government has already ventured into a journey to steer the state to a robust growth trajectory, the Chief Minister said adding that the State government is encouraging a vision which has emerged from that sense of responsibility.

The Chief Minister thanked Sadhguru for having come all the way to Kaziranga to address the Chintan Shivir. He said Sadguru’s wisdom and his idea would really help the government to build and promote a socio-cultural-economic and academic empowerment narrative in the state to spread the fruits of development to all sections of the state.

Sadhguru also addressed the congregation at the Chintan Shivir. Chief Minister also signed an MoU on behalf of the state government with Sadhguru who represented Isha Foundation. The MoU signed on ‘Save Soil Movement’ will essentially guide the state on sustainable use of soil for agricultural practices.

Later, Chief Minister Dr. Sarma unveiled three rhino statues at Mihimukh in Kaziranga along with Sadhguru. These rhino statues have been created using the ashes collected from burning rhino horns. It may be noted that on 22nd September 2021, the government made a history when a stockpile of 2479 rhino horns were consigned to flames to send across strong message to the poachers and illegal horn traders that rhino horns have no medicinal value. The rhino statues thus created is an attempt to immortalise the efforts and dedication of those who selflessly protect Assam’s pride, the great one horned rhinoceros.
The Chief Minister along with Sadhguru also opened the Kaziranga National Park for the tourists for this season. On this occasion, Sadhguru led a jeep Safari from Mihimukh when he drove a jeep with the Chief Minister sitting alongside.

Tourism Minister Jayanta Malla Baruah was also present.

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