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“Entrepreneurship and Women Empowerment by Eastern Command AWWA”

ByNE India Broadcast

Sep 27, 2022

From being a pillar of strength to her husband, loving mother to her kids, a companion to her friends and a professional, one has seen army wives step into myriad roles.

In an endeavor to showcase the skill and potential of its members,Eastern Command AWWA (Army wives welfare organization) set up a stall at the 4-day ‘Banglar Tanter Haat’ exhibition in Kolkata from 23 Sep to 26 Sep 2022. The exhibition provides a platform to local artisians and entrepreneurs to showcase their talent. 

Products from all ASTC’s (Army Skill Training Centres)/VTCs (Vocational Training Centres)  in Eastern Command were showcased and well appreciated by the guests. Items manufactured by the members such as Naga Jwellery, Block painted Bed sheets covers and other handmade artifacts were on display in the stall. Interest shown by the local population was extremely encouraging. The success of the stall was a testament to the budding entrepreneur skill and women’s empowerment being nurtured by ASTCs and VTCs being run by Eastern Command AWWA.

The aim of the AWWA, Eastern Command is to support and enhance the offical welfare efforts within the army, focusing especially on the welfare of families, children and widows of all ranks and retired personnel of the army. One of the ways this is accomplished is by  providing vocational training to families so as to assist them in becoming entrepreneurs in future. The  stall set up at Bangla Tanter Haat is one such example where these handicraft items have been prepared by the members of AWWA after receiving training at ASTCs(Army Skill Training Centres) & VTCs (Vocational Training Centres). The excellent response received here will further motivate our members to continue improving their vocational skills.” Mrs Nisha Kalita, Regional President AWWA, Eastern Command.

Army Wives Welfare Association is a NGO initiated by Army Wives and started in 1966 to work for the general welfare of the spouse and the dependent family members of the serving and the retired personnel of the Indian Army of all ranks, including the widows of the personnel of the Indian Army. Over the time, AWWA has undertaken a number of Community Outreach Programmes for underprivileged civilians as well.

(With inputs from Indian Army, Eastern Command) 

Report- Pratyusha Mukherjee

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