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“Gopi sir and Mathias had told us that we have to win the tournament to show that we are on the higher level”, says India International Doubles winner Dhruv Kapila

ByNE India Broadcast

Sep 27, 2022

22-year-old Dhruv Kapila, hogged the limelight after his stellar performance at the 2019 South Asian Games by bagging 3 gold medals in Men’s double, Mixed Double and Men’s team. He was also a part of the Indian squad that scripted history by winning the first ever Thomas Cup for India.

Dhruv Kapila who along with his partner won the India International challenge last week talked about the tournament and said, “From the beginning of the tournament we had good matches. We played well against the Malaysian pair and then in the quarter finals we beat the Thailand pair. With the Malaysian pair the match was difficult as we knew that they were really strong and had played some good badminton, but we were ready for it. We won 21:15 and 23:21 against them and with the Thailand pair it was a comfortable game win with a score of 21:14 21:12.”

The pair had a strong backing from their mentors who motivated them to push the limit and gave them the boost to achieve this feat. IOS Sports athlete, Dhruv commented on that by saying, “We had plans from the beginning of the tournament. Gopi sir and Mathias had told us that we have to win the tournament to show that we are on the higher level. And we did prove that. The final was a difficult match against Thailand’s pair. They played some great matches earlier this year and were consistent even during the tournament. But we took that challenge and we prepared well. We knew they would hesitate in the crucial moment and we took advantage of that.”

Dhruv now remains motivated to carry on this momentum as the pair head to Europe to compete in the French Open and the German Open in the coming days.

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