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Story of a Real Dog Lover….

ByDebjani Patikar

Sep 27, 2022

It is said that dogs are great friends of people. They are easy to tame compared to other ferocious animals, they are popular in the world for participating in intelligence work with various law enforcement agencies of the country along with the security of homes and areas. Dogs have the special ability to understand human language.

A small incident change the life of a small boy completely. And because of that, the boy himself became self-reliant and made some other boys self-reliant.

Abhishek Pal Chowdhury, elder son of Indrajit Pal Chowdhury and Nandita Pal Chowdhury, residents of Pandu, Guwahati, not only a dog.trainer but also established his own dog training center K9 in the College Gate area of ​​Pandu.

K9 is a training center in North East region that provides training to dogs as well as those who want to keep dogs at home.

Abhishek said that since his childhood, he thought of doing something for these animals. According to him, training dogs is still not very popular in our society. However, people’s awareness towards animals is slowly increasing.

Incidentally, he said that on the way to and from the road, I used to see many dogs that were sick or had an accident. It was very bad. I wished that I could do something for them. I started my work from that wish.

Abhishek arranged vaccinations for neighborhood dogs. Arranged food for Kurds. Arranged treatment for sick dogs.

But this work was not easy for him. He had to move forward through many difficulties. However, the family suport him. Even though the people around him objected at first, they gradually accepted the matter. They also started to cooperate. But the work is very challenging.

In fact, no one can think that people can do anything out of humanity. Abhishek said Many non-governmental organizations have come forward to change the society’s negative attitude towards dogs.

Throughout the year, Abhishek goes to train dogs in different parts of the country. Apart from the Bollywood film industry, he trains dogs of many reputed people.

Abhishek’s love for dogs decided that he would study and work in this field in the future. He has received training from the Netherlands and also received training from several organizations in the country.

Abhishek has trained around 500 dogs in the North East. He worked in the horror comedy Vediya under the direction of Amar Kaushik. With Kriti Sanon and Varun Dhawan. He is currently working on Hindi and Assamese films.

Abhishek says that dogs need to be properly trained. If properly trained. It is very easy to train dogs from a young age. They have to be taught some rules over and over again. How to behave with people who come to the house teaching is very important.

Abhishek says from experience that dogs do not attack people on their own. Many times they attack to protect themselves if they are not fed or sick or if they are afraid or disturb the dog.
But we have to teach our future generations to protect and love dogs.

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