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Eco-friendly themes in Dibrugarh Durga Pujas

Pandal hoppers in Dibrugarh are going to going to get an eco-friendly experience this year as most of the puja committees have decided to discard plastic use and go for biodegradable materials such as clay, straw, jute or bamboo.

The Graham Bazar Mitra Sangha Durga Puja which is one of the popular pujas of Dibrugarh town has chosen agriculture as its theme which they will showcase through eco-friendly and biodegradable materials. The Mitra Sangha puja will be celebrating its 40th year. 

“Every year we choose eco-friendly themes which resonates with the people very much. We have won several awards for our eco-friendly themes. This year, our theme is based on Agriculture. We will showcase the life of a farmer, how they toil hard in the fields and harvest food grains for the people. We will highlight their simple lifestyle and how they cohabit with mother earth without harming the environment,” a commitee member said.

Similarly, the Jhalukpara Sarbajanin Durga Puja which will be celebrating its 65th year will be using bio-friendly materials for its puja. 

“Our entire pandal has been constructed from biodegradable materials like dry flowers, jute and wood. The government is also promoting healthy and plastic-free lifestyle for the people. Our theme will be on the benefits of biodegradable products and Swachh Bharat,” said a member of the Jhalukpara Durga Puja committee.

Another popular puja of the town, Theatrepara Malipatty Puja has adopted the Butterfly Park theme replicating the Butterfly Park in Delhi for its puja. The entire canopy and the idol of Goddess Durga will resemble butterflies made from eco-friendly materials.

“We have chosen butterflies as our theme as they are indicators of a healthy environment and healthy ecosystem. They represents freedom, beauty and peace. We want to highlight their importance in the environment,” organisers of the Theatrepara Malipatty Puja committee said.

The Gangapara Sarbajanin Durga Puja which will be celebrating its 70th year will showcase the Kedarnath Temple as its theme. The entire construction has been made using waste materials and eco-friendly products. On the other hand, the Jalan Nagar Durga Puja committee will highlight the lifestyle of the tribal people using eco-friendly items. 

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