• Mon. May 27th, 2024

Assam: Pandu Institute Colony made the durga idol with rice

Durga Puja at Pandu Institute Colony is the oldest puja in Pandu area. This puja has entered 112 years.

Pandu Institute Colony Pooja is performed every year with a new theme. Every year Institute Colony Pooja attracts everyone.

Puja committee Secretary Rabindra Pal and President Narayan Chandra Kalita said that those who were involved in the puja, in the beginning, are not many today. Only their memories remain.

Special emphasis is placed on Durga Pratima in this puja. The statue will be made of rice with Basugaon potter Sanjay Chandra will make idols out of rice. One and a half lakh rupees will be spent to make this idol. Raju Barua will make the pandal in a modern design. Experienced craftsmen were brought from Bilasipara to make the pandal. Three lakh and twenty thousand rupees will be required to set up the pandal. There will be CCTV cameras and private security system around the pandal. The pavilion will be decorated with lights around the pandal. Dhaka Nirmal Biswas will come from West Bengal. It inaugurated on the fifth day. Maharaj of Gaudiya Math will cut the ribbon. There will be cultural programs every day.

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