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Story of a teacher of Doomdooma Town gives message religious harmony

A teacher from Assam gives message of religious love and harmony to the world ; takes part in religious rituals of Durga Puja.

It is Devi Durga Puja festival time across India. There are echoes of Devi Durga Vandna everywhere at shakti Peeth, Devi Peeth, Devalaya and Mandap.The pujari chants : “Sarva Mangal Mangalye Shive Shrvarth Sadhike Shranye Trymbke Gouri Narayani Nomostute. “
A sweet atmosphere which have been  mesmerizing thousands of devotees are being created by the sounds of dhak, dhol and Shankha.

Can you imagine a Muslim lady sitting on Pandal ground in such religious atmosphere of Hindus, Offering pushpanjali to Godess Durga and taking Bhasma-Tilk on her forhead.

But it is true that Rubia Ahmed has done all this for the sake of humanity in India and across the world.

Rubia Ahmed, a teacher in a school here gives a message of ” Manava-Dharma ” this Durga Puja.
“We should follow ” Manava -Dharma ” ( religion of humanisim ) first to make this world more beautiful and the people on earth the  happiest forever. ” She says to this correspondent India.”We should read religious books of each other, grasp the good things from them,respect each other and love each other. It will bring back faith and peace among people of different beliefs.Men have to understand the value of each other. If they do so, there will be no chaos ( in society ) ” She added.Rubia is  an assistant school teacher at Hoonlal Uchhtar Madhymik Vidyalaya at Doomdooma Town in upper Assam’s Tinsukia district ; a northeastern state of Asian country India.

Tinsukia is 500 kilometers east from capital Guwahati. The Tea city Doomdooma which is known for it religious harmony and brotherhood is around twenty four kilometer from Tinsukia district head quarters.She further says that her family belongs to  inter- religion compositions. They go to each other house and help each other. She says, ” We can not think of religious divisions. We go to doul ( temple ), takes part in Kali Puja and offers dakshina ( donations ).We have visited Satra. I lit earthen lamps in mandirs. “Rubia was taking part at Doomdooma Axomia Pooja Aaaru Natya Mandir Xamiti which was established in 1904 on Mahanavmi.

While asked that according to Islam worshipping Idols is jahalat Mushrikana ( an ignorance in which people worship but ) she answers, ” I think it is a ritual of shakti. If someone is taking something symbolically, nothing to say. The present era is technically advanced. I say clearly what I think. If one is firm that we the human beings are one, no one can change him or divert to wrong path. “

Reacting on film and politics, she says, ” I keep myself away from politics. An art /artist should spread  love and unity in society. Its commercialisation is not a healthy practice which mixes unwanted things in it. My only son is also an artist We have taught him manava- dhrama.

When she goes to pilgrimage across India she visits the sacred places of all faiths. She says, ” I visited Powa Mecca an Haygriva Mandir together. Ajmer Shrif and Brahma Mandir together ( in Rajasthan ). I brought Prasad and distributed among our people.”

It may be mentioned here that Assam has a good number of Muslim population and they having living here since centuries together with love and friendship. The recent Islamophobia has no impact on the people here which is being injected in India and across the world by a section of diplomats and politicians. The
Her husband Dr Abdul Quadir, a retired principal of Doomdooma College says, ” God is one whether you call him Allah or Ishvar. “
“Hindu Rashtravad affect is being seen in Assam’s politics as well as Muslim Moulvadi Hangathan affect can’t be avoided also. Hindu – Muslim both have to remain united forever. ” Dr Quadir said.

He further said that the new generation will have to understand this and live together with peace and harmony.

Meanwhile, Rubia Ahmed and Dr Abdul Quadir are being appreciated by all sections of Society.
Arjun Barua, president of Tinsukia Zilla Sahitya Sabha,a veteran renowned journalist of Tinsukia district and Advisor of Doomdooma Axomiya Puja and Natya Mandir Committee said, ” People of all faiths including Muslims, Christians and Sikhs comes here since long. People of Bihari, Adivasi, Marwari, Bengali and all other communities too come here. “

Deben Deka, a renowned person of the town and a member of Doomdooma Axomiya Puja and Natyamandir Committee, said, ”  A very good example by Rubia Madam. It will strengthen the tie of love, brotherhood and peace in society. “
So be it, Rubia has become now an ideal personality and everyone of the state appreciating her deeds.

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