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Oct 9, 2022


On the midnight of 8th October’ 2022, a group of 15 to 20 Bangladeshi smugglers surrounded the BSF jawans and tried to smuggle cattle foecefully using sharp edged weapons, sticks, but the BSF troops showing their bravery and intelligence not only defended themselves, but also stopped cattle smuggling partially and confronted the smugglers.

To move the smugglers away from the area, the jawans also fired in the air
The incident took place in the area of Border Out Post Bishnupur, 54 Battalion. The troops on duty at night noticed that 15-20 cattle smugglers coming towards them from Bangladesh side in their area. Other group of smugglers from India side was helping them to cross the cattle. After coming closer, when the troops challenged them, instead of goingback, they surrounded the troops and attacked on them fatally. In retaliation, the jawans fired aerial shot with non-lethal weapon, but the smugglers still did not leave the area. Then the other buddy jawan fired another aerial fire with his personal weapon, but despite this the smugglers did not pay heed and kept on attacking. Eventually, sensing the imminent threatto their lives, the jawan fired one more round to save his buddy which hit the smuggler. After this, the remaining smugglers fled from the spot towards Bangladesh, leaving their companion in an injured condition. The personal weapon and radio set of the jawan have also been damaged due to the attack by the smugglers. The jawans also seized a buffalo from the spot. The smuggler, who was injured due to fire of jawan, succumbed to his injuries shortly after.

The dead body of the smuggler and confiscated buffalo were handed over to the Police Station Krishnaganj for further legal action.

Smugglers often do deadly attacks on troops– BSF Spokesperson

Spokesperson of South Bengal Frontier stated that BSF jawans on Indo-Bangladesh Border are ready on the Border without caring of their lives. He further stated that when the smugglers do not get success in their wrong intention, they deadly attack on the jawans, due to which our jawans have been seriously injured many times. Jawans take stringent measures to protect themselves and government property as well as to prevent smuggling, as a result of which smugglers have to face dire consequences.

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