• Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Wild pachyderm found dead under mysterious condition.

A wild elephant was found dead mysteriously on saturday morning in pawai ban gaon of Margherita East range forest office under Digboi forest division of Tinsukia district.

The death of a wild elephant that went out of the forest in search of food has created a mystery. The elephant was found lying in the sewer of a private tea plantation in pawoi ban gaon area in the morning. According to local people of that area the wild elephant have died after falling into the one-foot-deep sewer.

The wild elephant died for other reasons as local people suspect the elephant died of an electrical short or poisonous pesticide sprayed in the tea plantations.
However, the cause of death of the wild elephant will be revealed only after the post-mortem report said a forest department employee.

On the other hand, dense forest reserve are shrinking due to deforestation where precious trees are chopped mercilessly by timber thieves.

The deaths of wild elephants in the forests in search of food have worried nature lovers which they have demanded the immediate transfer of the TC Ranjith Ram Divisional forest officer of Digboi Forest Division under Tinsukia District .

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