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Brahmaputra continues to chip away new areas in Dibrugarh 

ByRajib Dutta

Oct 12, 2022 #Dibrugarh

Erosion by the Brahmaputra continues unabated in the outskirts of Dibrugarh town with many new areas coming under the grip of fresh erosion. With the river continuing to chip away new land masses every single minute, already huge swathes of land have been lost in the river. On Wednesday, fresh erosion were reported from several new areas in Maijan and Nagaghuli on the town’s outskirts. The district administration has asked the local people to remain on alert so that they can be evacuated to safer locations in case of an emergency.

Meanwhile restoration work of the Brahmaputra embankment in Maijan-Nagaghuli area which was damaged by strong currents continued for the second day on Wednesday. The water resources department with the help of locals constructed a 50-metre long barricade using soil and mega geo-fibre bags to reinforce the damaged section of the embankment. 

Deputy commissioner Biswajit Pegu who has been personally monitoring the restoration work said that every possible measures have been  taken to stem the erosion and the water resources department equipped with men and machines has been woking round the clock to mitigate the situation.

“The situation is vulnerable but we are hopeful that the measures which we have taken in the last two days will be successful in preventing any further damage to the embankment. However these are all temporary protection measures. Only after the river water subsides we will be able to take up protection measures on a permanent basis,” the deputy commissioner said.

Harish Baruah, SDO (West Sub-Division) of the water resources department said, “There is nothing to panic. Our men are working round the clock and the situation is under control. The water level of the Brahmaputra in Dibrugarh is also showing a slight declining trend. Today morning the Brahmaputra was flowing at 105.21 metre at 7am against the danger level of 105.70 metre. At 2pm the water level had fell down to 105.18 metre.”

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