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Oct 14, 2022

This enhanced connected care program is indigenously developed real-time, rapid-response systems backed up by AI and will provide an additional layer of patient monitoring, significantly improving critical intervention during unforeseen complications

12th October, 2022, India: Apollo, the world’s largest vertically integrated healthcare platform today announced that it was launching its indigenously developed automated, rapid-response patient monitoring system.

The system is designed to monitor and will proactively alert a team of experts if it anticipates an unexpected deterioration in patient health. This will dramatically improve timely intervention with the right experts thus ensuring significant improvement in patient’s condition management and health outcome.

Speaking on the launch, Dr. Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director, Apollo said “Apollo has always been the pioneer in bringing the best and most relevant technologies to provide our patients with the best care in the world. This indigenously designed automated, rapid-response system is another step in this direction. Only Apollo, with its vast experience in remote health care along with best-in-class clinical talent can design and build such a system for India. I am really excited to bring this innovation to our customers and help them get healthy quicker and live higher quality lives.”

Apollo’s technology enabler HealthNet Global has developed this custom designed state of the art remote and continuous monitoring platform integrated with advanced medical devices and wearables that transmits patient health data and provides easy access to the care providers at 3 different levels to ensure no critical event is missed and patient safety is ensured.

The platform access enables Nurses, PreMET team as well as Doctors to monitor patient health from Nurse stations, their mobiles and also from a regional command centre. Its AI enabled early warning score and alert system helps timely intervention of clinicians thus providing enhanced care to patients. monitoring system platform has been trained on Apollo’s vast and comprehensive remote-health program and has been on field trials across Hyderabad and Chennai. Within 2 months of trial, both centers have seen the system to provide efficiency in nursing care and reduction in unexpected complications. The system is a combination of hardware, advanced software directly integrated into the patient’s monitoring systems coupled with highly trained healthcare experts working in tandem to provide the most sophisticated monitoring system, backed up by rapid clinical response, in the country. Apollo is now expanding this system across its network of hospitals and will invest over 12 million USD in the next 3 years

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