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105th anniversary of Anglo-Kuki war observed in Dibrugarh 

ByRajib Dutta

Oct 18, 2022

In 1917, the Kukis under the command of the brave Kuki King Chengjapao Doungel fought a valiant war against the British. The war which lasted for two years is known in the annals of history as the Anglo-Kuki War of Independence. In remembrance of the brave warriors, the Kuki community of Dibrugarh on Monday observed the 105th anniversary of the Anglo-Kuki War with the theme, “Cherishing and Upholding the Spirit of the Anglo-Kuki War fought in Defence of Ancestral Land and Freedom”. 

The event was chaired by Dr Lamkholal Doungel, Convener of the Anglo-Kuki War Anniversary Celebration and Chairman of the Kuki Worship Service Dibrugarh where he spoke about the need to bring back the past glory of the great Kukis. He said, “We must uphold and cherish the spirit of the Anglo-Kuki War; and today it is requisite that we outthink to outfight our enemy for successful and progressive community.”

Thongminhao Haokip, Deputy Commandant, CISF also spoke on the occasion. He said “The theme is aptly chosen in the light of our present-day situation of disunity and failure to respect and give regards to the past history and traditional ethos that once united our forefathers that gave them strength and courage to fight the mighty Britishers.”

Lalcha Lhouvum, Director in-charge India Meteorological Department, Mohanbari, Dibrugarh also talked about the need to disseminate and inculcate the best history of the past. 

The programme concluded with paying floral tributes to the Anglo-Kuki War heroes and lighting ceremonial lamps in respect of the war heroes who  sacrificed their lives in defence of their ancestral land.

The Anglo-Kuki War (1917-1919) was one of the biggest uprisings by the Kukis against the colonial power. The war ensued following the Kukis refusal to join the Labour Corps during the First World War. The war is also known as the “Kuki Rising”, “Anglo-Kuki War”, “Great Kuki Rebellion” and “Zou Gaal”. 

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