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CBC Shillong organizes first ever Photo Exhibition & Outreach Programme at second wettest place on earth – Sohra, Meghalaya to celebrate Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav

The first ever Photo Exhibition cum Outreach Programme on Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav and 8 Years of Seva, Sushasan & Garib Kalyan was organized today at the second wettest place on Earth at Sohra in Meghalaya.

Shri Gavin Miguel Mylliem, MLA of Sohra Constituency today inaugurated the photo exhibition at Ramakrishna Mission Hr. Sec School in Sohra. In his inaugural address he appreciated the efforts of CBC Shillong for organizing the multimedia exhibition and urged students to visit the exhibition.

He said that the primary objective of organising these kinds of events across the nation is to fondly remember the contributions of our great freedom fighters and to make us aware of our nation’s rich heritage and history. He also claimed that without recalling the great contributions of the supreme sacrifice of our brave freedom fighters, which has ultimately led to the attainment of independence in the year 1947, we cannot move ahead.

He summarised that the nectar of the celebration of 75 year of Independence   is being based on five pillars – the struggle for independence, new ideas for the progress of the nation, enumeration of achievements in the years to come and the steps to be taken to achieve and the resolutions taken by the citizens of the country on the attainment of the 75 years of Independence.

He expressed his happiness that this celebration of Azadi also aims at creating the vision for India at 2047. Impressed by the presence of students in large number during the programme, Shri Mylliem said youths, which form a majority of the population of the state are our greatest strength and greatest challenge. “And it is for government to ensure that youths are inspired and empowered so that they realize their full potential,” he added.

Swami Anuragananda, Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Sohra in his address said that one learns a lot from their history and feels inspired and motivated. Drawing examples of the great freedom fighters of the past, Swami Anuragananda said that these men and women are inspiration for all as despite belonging to humble backgrounds and being ordinary people like you and me, they played remarkably significant role towards upholding their land, their culture, their heritage.

“These people are our heritage, and we need to uphold their examples, learn about them a little bit, get inspired from the roles they played”. And today, when you leave this hall, I am sure that you will feel a little bit more motivated, a little bit more resilient to do something more for my people, for my land”, he added.

He exhorted everyone to draw inspiration from the life and work of the great freedom fighters and contribute to one’s best ability to the progress and the development of the society, the people of the state and the country as a whole.

The Exhibition showcased India’s struggle for freedom through display panels. Major events of the freedom struggle was showcased at the exhibition – Revolt of 1857, Non- Cooperation Movement, Champaran Satyagraha, Kheda Satyagraha, Dandi March or Namak Satyagraha, Azad Hind Fauj, Quit India Movement, partition of India and many more. A special facet was also put up to highlight the contribution of freedom fighters belonging to the Northeastern region.

A special section in the exhibition is dedicated to 8 Years of Seva, Sushasan, Garib Kalyan wherein the achievements of the Government across various sectors in the last 8 years, including in the North East, have been highlighted.

Present at the occasion were Dr Engam Pame, Director, CBC, Shillong, Dr Moushumi Dey, Faculty Dept of History, Women’s College, Shillong as Resource Person who spoke on the ‘Unsung Heroes of Meghalaya’, the Executive Members of Dorbar Khliehshnong, Sohra, teachers, students and invitees.

The 2nd Day, the 28th Oct, 2022 will be the open to all exhibition as well as various competitions such as Quiz Competition, Extempore Speech Competition, Extempore Speech Competition and prizes will be distributed to the winners of the Competitions.

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