• Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Despite new traffic signals, no solution to congestion in Assam Capital Guwahati!

The Government of Assam installed new traffic signals across the state capital, called an Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS). Yet, there are times when congestion continues to hit the ordinary person daily.

The Phase-I of IMTS 20 junctions, Nepali Mandir to Khanapara, in Guwahati city. The CCTV cameras were installed at major intersections to ensure seamless traffic and check violations. Next, 94 junctions will be covered in the final phase.

“The success of ITMS will require our combined efforts. I appeal to all my fellow Guwahatians to abide by all traffic rules while driving.”, said Cabinet Minister Ashok Singhal in August this year.

The issue of traffic and congestion in the state capital has been prevalent for years now, with an exploration of solutions being a continuous process. While there has been respite to some extent, a permanent solution remains to be achieved.

“We are committed to the overall development of Guwahati. Some of our upcoming initiatives in the city include construction of more flyovers, integrated traffic management system, air-conditioned bus stations and construction of new parks, among others.”, read a tweet by CM Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma in August this year.

Uttar Pradesh and Gujrat are among the prominent states in India that follow IMTS, and have successfully solved the problem of congestion in cities with time.

However, the opposition reacts to the IMTS by criticizing the government. “The state Govt proudly launched the phase-I of the Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS) under the Smart City project, but the system is below national standards, and the company which was awarded the project was previously blocklisted in Madhya Pradesh.”, reads a tweet by AIUDF MLA from Chenga Ashraful Hussain in August this year.

Team NE India Broadcast requests all its readers and viewers to follow traffic signals and actively coordinate with the police engaged in maintaining traffic to ensure a solution to traffic congestion.

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