• Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Meghalaya CM’s emergency landing at Umiam turns into a “good” adventure!

Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Kongkal Sangma had an emergency landing at Umiam yesterday due to bad weather. Still, eventually, this turned into an adventure with an exploration of nature and tourism.

“Emergency landing at UCC in Umiam due to bad weather on the way from Tura, but I enjoyed the view of the lovely campus during my walk & had a good time there thanks to their hospitality. What a day!” read a tweet by CM Sangma yesterday.

“What an adventure! Emergency Landing at UCC, Umiam, due to bad weather. Enjoyed the beautiful scenery on the Campus. Met with a staff of UCC. Lunch in UCC Canteen. The weather is truly unpredictable. Thank the Captain & Pilot for bringing us back safely.”, reads another tweet by Sangma yesterday evening.

According to the website of Meghalaya tourism, “Flanked by hills on all sides and lined by striking roadways and bridges, the gentle Umiam Lake is one of the reasons why the Guwahati-Shillong route is considered one of the most scenic in the region. The lake was formed when a dam was built over the Umiam River in the early sixties as part of a hydel power project. Umiam Lake has become a favorite spot for many who admire the landscape.”

It further adds, “Umiam Lake is Shillong’s major hub for water sports and boating. Paddle boats, water scooters, and speed boats are some of the plentiful options for those who look to hit the waters.”

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