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Borail eco camp is a confluence of Conservation, Community and Sustainable Tourism

The Borail Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the lesser known protected areas and a hidden treasure amongst the luscious green forests in Assam. This is home to the only ape in the country – Hoolock Gibbons. Located in the Barak river valley in Southern Assam, the fringe areas of the sanctuary also houses indigenous people who have been leading a nature integrated lifestyle and are keen to showcase their native culture and traditional practices.

In an attempt to bring Borail Wildlife Sanctuary to the limelight while integrating the indigenous people living around the Sanctuary by ensuring sustainable generation of livelihood for the people, the Borail eco camp was conceptualized. It is the government of Assam Policy to promote ecotourism in all potential areas to generate livelihood for the locals.

The Borail eco camp which was conceptualized in January 2022, has come to fruition now. The Eco Camp was inaugurated by the MLA of Udharband constituency Mihir Kanti Shome, where the site is situated on 11th November, 2022.

The MLA took tour of the site and enjoyed the location of the Borail Eco camp, especially the the crystal clear water where the eco camp offers facility to swim for the tourist. The MLA addressed the local and the gathering – post opening of the eco camp – about the immense potential of the eco-tourism. In the inaugural function senior district officers were present.

Borail eco camp is a confluence of Conservation, Community and Sustainable Tourism. That is to say the facility will be fully operated and run by the local community – the eco development committee of the Indranagar village.

The revenue generated form the facility will fully go to the eco development committee. The committee members are specifically trained in Pratam institute, Pench, Maharashtra on subjects live hospitality and tourist management.

The ‘Borail Eco-camp’ is your chance to experience the pristine Borail Wildlife Sanctuary for the first time ever. You can stay here at the campsite run by the local community of Indranagar. Various other activities offered are – guided trekking, Local khasia cosines, one can swim in the crystal clear waters, camp fire facility, a playground to try their skills in Badminton and volleyball etc. The facility offers authentic, enriching natural and cultural experiences.

The Borail eco camp is now open for booking and the interested people can book on the official website: www.visitborail.org.

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