• Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Doubling of railway line between Katihar – Kumedpur and Katihar – Mukuria sanctioned to enhance traffic mobility in Northeast

In a major step forward in enhancing the rail connectivity in N.F. Railway, the doubling of rail line between Katihar – Kumedpur and Katihar – Mukuria have been sanctioned and adequate funds have been allocated for its speedy execution. The doubling of these lines was included in the union budget 2020-21. Rs. 942.64 crore has been sanctioned for this doubling project of 64.14 km stretch. The stretch from Katihar – Kumedpur is of 29.53 km and Katihar – Mukuria is of 34.61 km.

The rail route from Katihar/Malda Town to Dibrugarh is the main cardinal route of N.F. Railway system. This important rail route connects the North-eastern region comprising seven states with the remaining states of India. On completion of doubling of Katihar- Kumdepur, and Katihar – Mukuria lines, there will be four lines connectivity from Katihar to North-eastern states which will help in better mobility of railway traffic to North-eastern states with other parts of India. It will further help in better movement of railway traffic to neighbouring countries i.e. Nepal with the eastern port of India which will further boost the economy of India. Moreover, it will boost the overall development of the region of Katihar district of Bihar and Malda district of West Bengal. The project is targeted to be completed by 2025.

Under ‘Act Northeast Policy’, Government of India has been investing hugely in the infrastructure sector including agriculture which will bound to increase the transportations need, traffic load is likely to increase very significantly on this route. After completion of these doubling line traffic congestion in the existing single line section between Katihar – Kumedpur and Katihar – Mukuria would be eased and this would pave way for more transition of both freight and passenger trains. NFR is committed to contribute relentlessly in the pursuit of enhancing railway infrastructure and connectivity under its jurisdiction.

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