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Indian Army has always prided itself on its unstated credo of “leaving no man behind”. Even after a soldier hangs up his uniform, the Organisation continues to look out for its veterans. In pursuance of this noble principle, Indian Army in Collaboration with a Jaipur based NGO, organised a Medical Camp for physically challenged Ex Servicemen on 21 November at Darranga Mela Military Station.

During the medical camp, 93 veterans were examined. After thorough examination, 23 veterans were found suitable for prosthetic limbs, nine for using crutches and three for using sticks. 14 veterans were recommended for higher medical examination. Measurements were then taken for providing custom made prosthetic limbs. The customised prosthesis will be delivered during the Mega Ex Service Men Rally scheduled on 02 December at Rangia Stadium.

The team of professionals included Dr Manoj Kumar Patra, Dr Burman Kankan from the Jaipur Foot NGO and medical officers from the local military garrison of the Red Horns Division.

The success of the camp reinforced the robust belief of veterans in their own Organisation and strengthened the relationship between one another.

Source : Indian Army


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