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Film review: An Assamese cinema vs a high-budget Bollywood blockbuster; My thoughts

On a fine morning, at 9.11 am, I was asleep and got a notification ” You are 20 minutes left for the movie to start ” I rapidly got up and went to PVR Ganeshguri to Watch Brahmastra.

The distance between PVR and my home is hardly 6 minutes so I intentionally went a bit late but…

I saw many people looking for tickets and many people in the queue for security check, luckily I have already booked my ticket *M12* to book my show early to avoid this queue.

My turn came for a security check, I hid 2 chewing gum in my socks and the security guy didn’t get any idea of it and passed me.

I like popcorn a lot, but at home, because the amount of popcorn in any multiplex hall is equivalent to a forever 21 Sweatshirt. I am here to watch films not to eat, I rather to a restaurant after the movie to fulfill my tummy.


The show starts with a national anthem and 60% of the audience is just murmuring, the same case as when we are in preschool.

We sat down and wait for the film to start, but before Roopmatra ayurvedic cream, honda city, Bajaj pulsar, and Everyday Masala played an important role in the movie.

After then Akshay Kumar came and says, Arey o nandu, Hospital ke same fufu Kar Raha hai ?…… Then Mera Naam Mukesh hai…..

I was almost pissed off then Lately I saw the central board of film certificate.

The film starts with an introduction to the Astra verse with the voiceover of Sri Amitabh Bachchan, Explaining how the powers, dignity, and team of Astra Verse were made. Then the movie jumps into the present time and a cameo came of well-known starts ” Mohan Bhargav ” a direct reference to Swades directed by Asutosh Gowarikar,  We got to know the negative characters and the reason why everyone wants the brahmastra the father of all astral, Lately, the chemistry between Alia and Ranveer takes places with some cringe dialogue by  Hussain Dalal { Writer of Dhindhora ( BB ki vines ), Few minutes further we can see many cameos of different actors from different industries and gradually Shiva ( Ranbir ) got to know his powers by meeting guruji played by Amitabh Bachchan, And I notices Alia screams 51 times ” Shiva ” and the movie ends the first half.

I went for a loo break and people bought some beverages, I ate my chewing gum from my socks and waited 10 minutes for the movie to start.

The movie starts and gradually I got bored and the film slowed the pace but the last 14 minutes of the film were way unexpected, I enjoyed it a lot and got to know about the upcoming parts of brahmastra and Alia Bhatt ( Isha ) said Isha 83 times

So my small review is –

Brahmastra 3D – Well computerized a perfectly blended film, this movie fills up the fantasy empty area in the Indian Film Industry but the harsh reality lies on that they tried to Bollywood used this movie, The movie can’t keep pace with the audience, Unnecessary Songs, Dialogues are too cliched, No doubt hats off to the imagination and thinking of the concept but Screenplay is below average and too much Multi Angle shot to hide the ” mistakes ” or Don’t know. Now !!! There are tons of surprises ( cameo ) but no character development. Brahmastra is not a movie It’s a Sony TV Bravia Advertisement !!!

After Watching a Huge Budget Masala film, I decided to watch Bulu Film ( Assamese Movie ) at Night.

My show will start at 7: 45 PM

Usually, I go a bit late for the movie but this time I went a bit early because As usual, no one watches Assamese films I was excited for this one because I have seen Himanshu Prasad Das’s previous films like Goru, Hero, etc and As an Indian, I know that this guy never disappoints, And Unexpectedly I saw a bunch of people is buying tickets and got to know that the show is housefull. Felt great that people are supporting good Assamese films.

Show starts

Again we have to see the same ad for Mukesh, Nandu ka fufu, etc. Then I saw the film certificate which means the show starts. Bulu Film is certified as an Adult movie, so below 18 years aged are restricted but this is the main USP ( Unique Selling Product) of the film. People are laughing and hooting because people are watching first time a fully A-certified Film, I enjoyed too.

My review –

Bulu Film 2D – Every second is very important, I didn’t laugh just because everyone in the hall did but I laughed from my heart, Adult content is much needed in the industry,  those who said this film won’t run because of the Adult content deep down this is the main reason or we can say the main USP that differentiates this film from other films. And don’t go for the trailer it’s just the tip of the iceberg, You remember every later, especially a Scene which I can’t forget is that smile that damn smile Pranami ( Actress ) did look at the camera and got goosebumps. Language is one of the main factors for a film. People use to neglect, troll, or act as funny to this South Kamrupia Language but this film portrays this language in a disciplined manner. Great Job


400 cr vs 30 lac

A movie with all the efforts, Money, Fantasy verses Good planning. No doubt Brahmastra is a blockbuster hit worldwide but most people are trolling on social media like too many visual effects, weak screenplay, below average dialogue we have to admit that the visual effects team of Brahmastra was brought from Hollywood and they have done visual effects for many renowned directors like Christopher Nolan, Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, etc, The dialogue writer is Hussain Dalal, he is working in this industry from approximately last 10 years as a writer, comedian, his recent work is Dhindhora by Bhuvan bam. Perhaps in a regional area like Assam, where the cinema part is almost weak but the Idea of promotion, planning, plotting, and story, the idea makes bulu film a profitable business in the movie industry.

Statistical data so far:
Bulu Film 2D
Budget – 30 lac approx.
Box office collection- 50 lac approx.
Total Box office collection – 1 cr approx.

Brahmastra 3D
Budget – 410 cr approx.
Box office collection – 287 cr approx.
Total Box office collection – 434 cr approx.

By Debashish Deka

(Debashish Deka is a film enthusiast and a student of the Department of Communication and Journalism at Gauhati University, Assam. The views expressed are personal. He can be reached at debashishdeka26@gmail.com)

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