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5th Annual conference of Association of Otolaryngologists of Indian Railway Health Services was held at Guwahati

The 5th Annual conference of Association of Otolaryngologists (specialists of Ear, Nose & Throat diseases) of Indian Railway Health Services Branch was held at N.F. Railway Central Hospital, Maligaon, Guwahati from 26th to 27th November, 2022. Dr. Prasanna Kumar, Director General, Railway Health Service presided over the conference as the Chief Guest.

A live Surgical Workshop was conducted wherein surgeons of international repute participated. Various surgeries were shown live; like Thyroidectomy (surgery related to Thyroid Gland), Coblation Adenoidectomy (surgery related to Adenoid), Tympanomastoidectomy (surgery related to infection in Ear) etc. Dr. A. K. Malhotra, PED, Dr. D. Dalmia from BAM Hospital/Central Railway/Mumbai, Dr. K P Verma from GRH Hospital/South Eastern Railway/Kolkata and Dr Tushar Kanti Ghosh, MD of Ghosh ENT Foundation, Kolkata were the surgical faculties present.

Eminent speakers of national and international repute from Guwahati Medical College, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Medical College and Hospital, Barpeta, Dr. B. Borooah Cancer Institute, Northeast Cancer Hospital & Research Institute, Swagat Hospital, Sanjivani Hospital, Nightingale Hospital, Pratiksha Hospital, Guwahati, MAX Hospital, Delhi, Venkateswara Hospital, Delhi and ENT fraternity from various zones of Indian Railways also delivered talks on various topics from the field of ENT. Delegates from various parts of the country took active participation in Railway Association of Otolaryngologists Conference (RAOICON), 2022 to make it a successful event.

A small cultural night was also organised for the delegates wherein local dance & music were showcased to give a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage of Northeast India.

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