• Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Support Local Product : Every one must visit Asomi Saras Mela in Guwahati

People are gathering in Guwahati Asomi Saras Mela. Stalls of food items, clothes, decorative items as well as all the other items used in the houses have been set up in the fair.

Asomi Saras Mela Guwahati 2022-23 is organized in the Ganesh Mandir Indoor Stadium Khanapara, Guwahati.

This fair was integrated on 22nd December will remain till January 4, in which SHG woman and rural artisans from almost all the districts of Assam and rest of the part of India have reached.

Most attractive of this is the Women of Self help groups is selling their products along with the exhibition by setting up stalls.

Due to the Christmas week and holiday, thousands of people thronged the Saras Mela and people were seen reaching the fair with a lot of enthusiasm and shopping fiercely.

Most attractive of this Mela is various product of rural Assam and northeast with others states of India. At least 120 stalls have been set up in the Saras Mela, they are selling handicrafts, paintings, jute bags, artificial flowers, ceramics, hand-woven carpets, furniture and pickles, among other things.



The famous ‘ Kashmiri Shawl’, Food from Rajasthan, ‘Crafts’ of North East and ethnic food and lucrative designed wooden furniture are among the many items that are in great demand at the fair.

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