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Traditional Chief of Singpho community Bisa Nong Singpho felicitated by Shining Green Asiana Welfare Foundation

ByMithun Baruah

Jan 9, 2023

Shining Green Asiana Welfare Foundation
Director Dr Kishore Hazarika and Snigdha Jyoti Goswami an organisation of repute working in the tourism, culture, social and economic sectors on sunday felicitated the traditional chief of the Singpho community, Bisa Nong Singpho at his residence situated at Bisa Gaon, Ledo of Tinsukia district.

The felicitation was made in recognition of the traditional chief’s contribution towards social upliftment, harmony and unity of Singpho community who have contributed a lot towards making Greater Assamese society both at National and International level.

Dr Kishore Hazarika said, “Singpho traditional chief Bisa Lat Nong Singpho contribution is remarkable and quite significant to the entire Assamese society” and appeal that the young generation must carry forward the legacy as set the by Singpho.

Snigdha Jyoti Goswami said that traditional chief Singpho’s contibution must be preserved and promoted in order to made aware the young generation and she also requesed the centre as well as State government to recognise the significance of the chief’s contribution.

Bisa Nong Singpho was felicitated with an traditional Assamese phoolam gamosha,a Xarai and two momentos by Dr Kishore Hazarika and Snigdha Jyoti Goswami Director of Shining Green Asiana Welfare Foundation.

During the occasion, the foundation also felicitated the veteran journalist and senior citizens of Margherita.

During this the felicitation programme veteran journalist Jagat Changmai of Ledo, Bisa Gaon village pradhan Bisa Tang Singpho, Sonowal Kachari Autonomous Council former CEM Milon Sonowal, Sonowal Jatiyo Mahila P leader Jyotshna Sonowal, Margherita Journalists Association president Partho Pratim Goswami, Advisor Ram Prasad Ambedkar, Treasurer Mithun Baruah, Margherita Journalist Sonaram Kalita, Retired headmistress of Ledo Shankardev High School Nang Sufati Pamung Milli, Tirap Autonomous District Council Demand Committee leaders Pallab Shyam Wailung, Nakul Singpho, Senior Journalist from Guwahati Debananda Medok among others were felicitated by Shining Green Asiana Welfare foundation. Veteran journalist Jagat Changmai of Ledo presented a Book written by himself about the history of Singpho community people to Dr Kishore Hazarika and Snigdha Jyoti Goswami both Director of Shining Green Asiana Welfare Foundation.

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