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If you visits to Barak Valley of Assam never forget to visits !

No one can’t deny Assam is always been one of the most beautiful places of tourist attractions in India. Assam is famous for its natural beauty, substantial biodiversity, tea plantations, and friendly people. From Kaziranga to Manas, Kamakhya, Umananda, Balaji, Dima Hasao to Karbi Anglong is always known for tourist attractions.

The southern part of Assam Barak Valley is too can be a tourist place for its abundance of nature, scenic spots, and historical and religious sights. Many unknown small places in Barak Valley may be focused on tourism.


If you visit Barak Valley never forget to visit this place :

Siddheswar temple:

This temple is known as Kapilashram Ashram, located at Panchgram of the Hailakandi district in Assam. One of the oldest temples of Barak Valley with mythological importance, Siddheswar temple always attracts visitors from across the country. Thousands of devotees congregate at the temple during the fortnight-long Baruni Mela. On the day of Baruni, the devotees take a dip in the Barak river.

Hailakandi Adi Kalibari:

One of the oldest temples of Barak Valley, Assam. This temple is more than 300 years old. Located in the main town of Hailakandi. It was constructed by the wife of the Kachari king Krishanu Chandra, Induprava Devi in the year 1707.




Which is called the largest wetland in the Northeast and the second-largest wetland in Asia. Sonbeel is a remote village in the Ramkrishna Nagar block of the Karimganj district of Assam.


Malegarh is located on the India-Bangladesh Border at Latu in the Karimganj district of Assam. It is a place where the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the 1857 mutiny were cremated here.

About more than 50 soldiers lost their lives in the revolt and thus this place will once again help you visit the glorious past of our country.

Badsha Bari:


One of the highly potential tourist spots in the Hailakandi district of Assam. Badsha Bari of Katlicharra.

Khaspur Rajbari:

Khaspur, which is located About 25 Km away from the Silchar. The structure is the ruin of the palace of the ancient Dimasa king.

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