• Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Dibrugarh University hosts model G20

Ahead of the G20 meet scheduled in Dibrugarh on March 24, Dibrugarh University, as one of the 75 institutions to be a part of the first-ever G20 University Connect Series in India organised its first Model G20 at the Indira Miri Conference Hall of Dibrugarh University on Friday.
A number of undergraduate, post-graduate students and research scholars of Dibrugarh University participated in the event. All participants were allotted as delegates to the G20 member countries and organisations, and were given one of the three total topics for debate within groups
There were a total of 43 delegations comprising of upto 3 members each. Certificates of participation were provided to all delegates and the two best delegates were chosen based on their overall participation.
The topics of the Model G20 were -Ministers of Foreign Affairs: Russia’s Special Operation in Ukraine and its impact on the world economy, Ministers of Finance: The role of Climate Finance and Ministers of Development: The implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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