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If you interested to visits in Assam never forget to visits this place

Assam is always been one of the most beautiful places of tourist attractions not only in India but also in the entire World. Assam is famous for its natural beauty, substantial biodiversity, tea plantations, and friendly people.

There are many unknown places in Assam who visits for others places. You may visit this place.

Rani Khamar :

A beautiful place almost 2.30-hour journey from Guwahati. On the bank of the beautiful river Kulshi, surrounded by the green hills of Meghalaya and Assam. A small waterfall is there on the way. An ideal place for those who love green hills, a wide river, and natural beauty.

Boga Mati:

Located near the Indo-Bhutan border in the Baksa district of Assam. A nice place for locals and travelers who love hills and rivers.

Bogamati is the best choice for both tourists and locals to enjoy a with a view of natural beauty.


Panimur Falls: 

Located in the Dima Hasao district Panimur is formed from the Kopili River. It is situated 120 km away from Haflong, the only hill station in the state of Assam. Obstructed by huge stones, the water of the Kopili River gushes out with great force forming the ethereal beauty of the Panimur Falls.

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