• Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

General Store Depot of N. F. Railway at Pandu introduces road contract to provide upto door delivery of stock items for the first time ever

In line with directions by Railway Board, General Store Depot, Pandu under N. F. Railway has introduced a road contract to provide upto door delivery of stock items to its concerned user departments.Anshul Gupta, General Manager of N. F. Railway flagged off the very first batch of the transport vehicles on 9th February, 2023 from General Store Depot, Pandu in presence of other railway officials. With the introduction of this new system, the hidden costs which are incurred in collection of materials by users from stores depots will be curtailed.

The new system will provide quicker delivery of the important safety and other non – safety items to the concerned user department at their depot, godown, office. The items will be delivered by General Store Depot, Pandu and will considerably lower the involvement of manpower and resources of Railways.

This will result in saving of expenditures incurred by Railways for transportation of stock materials. The new system will have more mobility and flexibility in handling and delivering the materials. There will be clarity on availability of required materials which will be more economical for Railways as a whole. Railway board had instructed zonal Railways for introduction of door delivery of various stock items which are required for day to day use by various Railway departments.

N. F. Railway has its major indentor’s at various locations under its jurisdiction ranging from Guwahati to Haflong, Silchar, Naharlagun.

With the new system all the indentor’s will receive the requisite materials for their purpose on their depot/godown/office without using any extra manpower. As a result of which the concerned department can focus on their core work without worrying about the availability of the materials.

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