• Wed. Feb 21st, 2024


Mizoram Tourism Minister Robert Romawia Royte launched a self-guided visitor mobile app called ‘Thenzawl Calling’ at SAD conference hall, New Secretariat building today.

The programme was chaired by Manisha Saxena, Principal Secretary, Tourism Department while T.C. Pachhunga Vice chairman, Tourism Development Board graced the occasion as Guest of Honour.

Tourism Minister Robert Romawia Royte, applauding the collective efforts of the specialists, technicians and officers involved in developing the very potential mobile app, hoped that the app will hugely boost tourism developmental activities, not only at the state level but also at the village and grass root levels. The two-fold benefit would be that not only will the app help in showcasing the rich cultural heritage and scenic beauty of Mizoram to larger audiences around the world but will also help local businesses to improve their livelihood and uplift the economy of the state, he said.

Highlighting the fact that many tribes from across the world have lost their culture, traditions and even their land being outsmarted by businesses, Minister encouraged the people to protect and preserve the same at all costs, which is why ‘The Mizoram Responsible Tourism Policy’ had been implemented, in order to protect indigenous people and promote the area and their economic activities through tourism.

Robert Romawia Royte urged the people to make use of the app and to join hands to ensure that tourism in Mizoram is responsible and accountable.

‘Thenzawl calling’ app is a self-guided visitor app which can be downloaded from the Android play store or the Apple store. It is a virtual platform for people to see Thenzawl, a digital platform to promote tourism and reap economic benefits of tourism.

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