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Sikkim experiences extremely heavy winter snowfall every year. However, snowfall pattern this year has been peculiar as the State has witnessed late but concentrated snowfall. Braving intimidating altitudes and freezing temperatures, the Trishakti Sappers and BRO have launched a massive joint snow clearing operation amid inhospitable weather conditions to clear the heavy snow in order to keep the strategic roads and communication lines open and facilitate movement of locals, military personnel and tourists.

Troops of Trishakti Corps routinely rescues tourists stranded due to sudden snow fall. On 11 & 15 Mar, major rescue missions were conducted by Trishakti Corps in East Sikkim under “Operation Himrahat”, wherein, 1400 tourists stranded due to sudden snow fall were rescued to safety. As part of the ongoing operations, the Trishakti Sappers undertake the arduous and daunting task of snow clearance that involves maneuvering through some of the highest passes in hostile terrain and sub-zero temperatures.

“Snow clearance this year has been particularly challenging, considering the concentrated spells of snowfall, freezing any movement of civilians and army persons. Army Sappers deployed at altitudes ranging from 14000-18000 feet are relentlessly executing the snow clearance. These missions are not only benefiting the army but also the locals and tourists who are dependent heavily on opening of roads” said an army official.

The roads and communication lines connecting the major towns, villages and forward areas get blocked due to heavy accumulation of snow and Indian Army is working tirelessly to keep these important roads open to ensure connectivity all through the winters.


Source:TriShakti Corps,Indian Army 
Report- Pratyusha Mukherjee

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