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The Centre for Studies in Journalism and Mass Communication (CSJMC), Dibrugarh University hosted an online Fact Checking Workshop, conducted by Bharat Nayak, Founding Editor of The Logical Indian and Head of the Fact Checking Division on 29th March, 2023 at Indira Miri Conference Hall, Dibrugarh University from 11am onwards.

The workshop was aimed at promoting media literacy and critical thinking among journalists, students, and the general public.
The workshop was attended participants from media backgrounds, including journalism students, academicians, and members of other departments/centres of Dibrugarh University.

In the event Bharat Nayak, Google News Initiative Trainer shared his knowledge and experience with the attendees online and taught the media students on how to verify media information. In his talk, Nayak emphasized on the importance of fact-checking in today’s digital age and the impact of misinformation on society. He said, “Since fake news affects people and many of them are completely unaware of fact checking, I realised that mainstream media or journalists should receive training in fact checking techniques and become familiar with it. Understanding the various tools available for fact checking as well as how to verify a video, image, or message received via social media is crucial.”

The workshop included presentations and interactive sessions on various aspects of fact-checking, such as identifying reliable sources, verifying information, and detecting fake news. The participants had the opportunity to learn from the expert and engage in discussions and practical exercises to enhance their skills.

The organizers of the event expressed their satisfaction with the success of the workshop. Prof. P.K. Gogoi, Chairperson of CSJMC, said, “This online workshop conducted by Google certified trainer Bharat Nayak and organized by CSJMC, is a great learning opportunity for the students.” It is essential to promote media literacy and critical thinking, especially in today’s age of misinformation.

Samagnee Baruah, Asst. Professor CSJMC, Dibrugarh University mentioned that, “With billions of web portals providing information on almost every conceivable topic, fake news or information is very likely in today’s date. Bharat Nayak practically explained the students on how to differentiate fake vs fact through visual verification, further helping them in improving their professional skills and knowledge.“

The Fact Checking Workshop organized by CSJMC, Dibrugarh University was a timely and relevant initiative to promote media literacy and critical thinking in society. It served as a platform for journalists, students, and the public to learn from experts in the field and enhance their fact checking skills.

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