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NFR achieved second highest growth in freight loading

ByNE India Broadcast

Apr 12, 2023 #NFR

Northeast Frontier Railway has secured 2nd position in terms of freight loading increase performance among all zones of Indian Railways. N. F. Railway has loaded 11.98 Million Tonnes (MT) of freight in last financial year 2022-23. This is an increase of 15.19% as compared to the loading of 10.40 MT during the financial year 2021-22. During the month of March, 2023 this zone has loaded 1.172 MT.

During the last financial year 2022-23 coal loading has increased by 181.2% while dolomite loading increased by 9.1% in comparison to financial year 2021-22. Fertilizer loading has increased by 12.2% while POL loading increased by 8.1%, container loading increased by 14.7% and other commodities increased by 16.7% during last year.

During the month of March, 2023, loading of few commodities have registered significant growth in comparison to corresponding period of the previous year. During the month, coal loading has increased by 8.7% which is 324% higher than the target. Fertilizer loading has increased by 8.7% while container loading increased by 30% and other commodities increased by 14.9%.

It is worth mentioning that N. F. Railway has earned Rs. 1373.59 crore from freight segment during financial year 2022-23 as against 1044.05 crore during financial year 2021-22. It is significantly an increase of 31.56%.

N. F. Railway is exploring all possible ways to boost the freight loading performance. Speedy execution of doubling works at important sections over N.F. Railway has result in increase movement of essential & other commodities in addition growth in freight loading.

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