• Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Security Forces Crackdown on Proscribed Groups and Joint War on Drugs in Manipur

Ever since the Security Forces and State Government have intensified their efforts towards ensuring sustainable peace, its actually beginning of the endgame for all proscribed groups in Manipur who are now desperately and unsuccessfully battling for survival at the backdrop of large scale apprehension/ surrender of their cadres coupled with seizure of contraband of an unprecedented magnitude.

Success of Security Forces Operations in Manipur could be measured by the fact that in the past 2 years there have been approximately 370 apprehensions.

In addition, surrender of 90 cadres to Security Forces could be directly attributed to their people friendly operations, good institutional measures by State Government post surrender & prevalent disillusionment amongst cadres of proscribed groups.

Notable amongst this is the complete domination of PLA which witnessed significant surrender/ apprehension amounting to approximately 100 cadres which is the largest amongst the Proscribed Groups.

Futher, recoveries of contraband items of approximately Rs 1300 crores have given the much needed impetus towards choking the finances of these groups which also is inducing surrender by cadres of these groups as a second order effect.

The success of action against the terror groups and terrorists came in the aftermath of repeated synergised response to restore normalcy in the region.

Source: Army Authorities

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