• Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Millet Awareness Programme and Training on Improved Hill Farming Techniques

R&D Centre Tawang of Defence Research Laboratory (DRL) DRDO organised a “ Millet Awareness Programme (MAP)” under International Year of Millets (IYOM) and Training on Improved Hill Farming Techniques on 17 April, 2023. The main mandate of this trainig is to raise awareness about the modern aspects of improving millet productivity through scientific cultivation technology and the importance of millets in human diet and rural economy. A total of 35 nos. of farmers including locals participated in the training. The participants were briefed about the status, importance and challenges of Millets in India by Dr. Ankit, Scientist, DRL Tezpur.

Millets are highly nutritious cereal and have a lower glycemic index compared to other grains, making them an ideal food for people with diabetes and other metabolic disorders. Millets are also an important source of income for many marginal farmers, particularly in developing countries. By using these technologies and promoting the consumption of millets, it can improve food security, support marginal farmers, and promote sustainable agriculture. Besides, lectures on Nursery Management, Organic Farming of Millets, Cultivation Practices of Finger Millet and Food processing were also delivered. These topics covered an wide range of areas related to millet cultivation, from the initial stages of seedling production to the final stages of processing and consumption. It is important for farmers to have a comprehensive understanding of all these aspects in order to produce high quality millets. As an encouragement to adopt the improved hill farming practices, the local farmers were provided with strawberry runners and seed kits.

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