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Meghalaya Health Officials Conduct Extensive Visit to State’s Health Facilities

Health officials led by Secretary of Health, Ram Kumar.S, IAS,recently conducted an extensive 5-day visit to health facilities in various districts of Meghalaya,from April 11 to April 15, 2023, to monitor the functions of health facilities and ensure adequate healthcare services to the people of Meghalaya. The visit covered East and West Jaintia Hills,East Khasi Hills, Ribhoi, North Garo Hills and East Garo Hills, South Garo Hills, West Garo Hills and South West Garo Hills.

The visit was a significant step towards improving the healthcare system in Meghalaya and ensuring an increase in the lifespan of the citizens through preventive healthcare, an increase in institutional delivery and immunization, as well as a decrease in maternal and infant deaths.

During the visit, the officials interacted with the staff and reviewed various parameters such as outpatient load, inpatient load, number of staffs, number and causes of deaths, maternal and infant deaths, immunization coverage, institutional delivery percentage, and outreach initiatives for non-communicable diseases. The purpose was to understand the issues faced by health facilities and find ways to improve the overall healthcare system. The officials also inspected the infrastructure, equipment, and medicines in the facilities to ensure efficient functioning. Diagnostic labs were thoroughly examined to ensure better test results and improved treatment outcomes.

Debriefing meetings were held at the end of each day with district health officials to discuss various health programmes and initiatives that the state is implementing to streamline quality service delivery.The officials emphasized the importance of a proactive approach to healthcare and the need for timely interventions to ensure the well-being of the people.

The key takeaways from the visit for medical officers include keeping a plan on priority areas of infrastructure in their facility, conversion of facilities to First Referral Units, optimum utilisation of schemes such as CM-SMS, strengthening village health councils, checking the MOTHER App for information on high-risk mothers within their jurisdiction daily, increasing screening and treatment of children under RBSK, striving towards a TB-free village/health council/community, streamlining the drugs and diagnostics systems, proper utilization of the MHIS service, and prioritising Comprehensive Primary Health Care.

The Secretary of Health appreciated the efforts of the healthcare staff and assured them support in providing the necessary resources to improve the healthcare system in the State. He urged the officials to continue their efforts to achieve the health outcomes and ensure that the people of Meghalaya receive quality healthcare services.

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