• Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Steps taken by N.F. Railway for safe & speedy movement of trains

The Signal and Telecommunication Department of N. F. Railway had taken noteworthy steps in installation and maintenance of upgraded signalling system in the last financial year.

This signalling system are essential for the safe & speedy movement of trains and Telecommunication systems, required for the effective utilization of the large fleet of locomotives and other rolling stock and track as well as for the administration of the vast Railway communication network.

To provide better flexibility in train operations, the biggest distributed Electronic Interlocking (EI) of N. F. Railway has been commissioned at New Jalpaiguri station in the last financial year. In addition to this, New Jalpaiguri – Ambari Falakata & New Jalpaiguri – Rangapani section has been commissioned with 17 RKM (Route Kilometre) automatic signalling in a single day. Moreover, 40 RKM Automatic Block Signalling in Ambari Falakata – New Jalpaiguri – Dumdangi section has also been commissioned along with 25 stations with Electronic Interlocking (EI) during the last financial year. Interlocking of 19 manned level crossing gates with signals has also been done to improve safety of train operations. Sliding Boom has been provided at 103 level crossing gates to enhance the safety of road traffic.

Intrusion Detection System has been implemented in the elephant corridors of NFR covering 114 RKM to prevent the dashing of elephants by train. Shunt signal has been commissioned at 11 stations to enhance operational flexibility.

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