In this meeting, the Governor of Mizoram and the Minister of Puducherry engaged in a productive exchange of information regarding the respective developments and challenges within their states.

Governor of Mizoram reported significant progress in the improvement of connectivity infrastructure throughout the region. He expressed optimism that rail services will soon extend to Sairang, further enhancing transportation options for the citizens. In addition, the Governor highlighted ongoing efforts to renovate and expand the national highways, which will improve travel efficiency and support economic growth.

Both dignitaries discussed the current status, impacts, and potential scope of the 100-day Wage Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS). They emphasized the importance of this program in providing gainful employment opportunities for their citizens, especially during these challenging times. By sharing their experiences and insights, the Governor of Mizoram and the Minister of Puducherry aim to refine and enhance the implementation of this critical initiative.