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Balaji Temple of Guwahati : A beautiful place for tourists attraction

The city Guwahati which is not only called the “City of Eastern Light” and also called the “City of Temples” because of many beautiful hindu temples from ancient times. Many temples  Kamakhaya, Umananda, Basistha, Balaji among them.

Purva Tirupati Sri Balaji Temple is a beautiful temple and one of the popular tourist spot of Guwahati located in Ahom Gaon near ISBT of Guwahati.

Which was built in the year 1998. At the entrance of the temples devotees to pray Lord Ganesha and Lord Balaji in the main temple.


The temple looks beautiful with pure white architectural structures and images of deities carved out in the walls.

There is also a beautiful garden park located outside the temple for tourists to enjoy the scenic beauty.

How to reach this temple:

Morethan 10KM away from Paltan Bazar. There are several options to choose from to reach this temple.  City buses, private taxis, cabs, shared taxis, auto-rickshaws, etc.

Best Timings for visits this temple:

In the evening:  5PM to 7.30 PM



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