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14 Eminent Artists Honored at the 4th International Indian Dance and Music Festival


The 4th Edition of International Indian Dance and Music Festival has concluded on Sunday, May 1, 2023. The event was organized by Projexel Foundation’s Founder Director, Seema Purkayastha Roy.

During the festival, fourteen senior artists were honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award in the name of Lt. Guru Satyajit Sinha.

The award recognizes the artists’ exceptional contributions to society through their works. The awardees include Guru Bipul Das, Amal Gupta, Erika Nandi, Lt. Guru Hari Charan Sinha, Tarun Kr. Bordoloi,  Joya Saikia Dowerah, Dr. Swapan Kr. Sinha, Lt. Hemu Sinha,  Bandana Dutta, Sunil Sinha, Pro. Y Hemanta Kumar, Nrityaguru Laxman Sinha, Oja Kunjolal Sinha, and Elvis Ali Hazarika.


The event was graced with the presence of several dignitaries, including Tamanna Rahman from Bangladesh,  Naresh Jain, and other notable guests. Special guest performances by Pinki Debbarma, all from Agartala, added to the festival’s success.

The International Indian Dance and Music Festival has been a platform to showcase the country’s rich culture and traditions, as well as an opportunity to recognize the contributions of eminent artists towards society. The success of the festival highlights the importance of promoting and preserving India’s cultural heritage.

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