• Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Equal Share of Kukis and Meiteis Amongst Internally Displaced Persons in Manipur

Due to the prevailing security situation in Manipur, now on path to normalcy, large number of persons of all communities had to be evacuated to safer areas. Out of approximately 23000 internally displaced persons, approximately 9,500 are from the Meitei community while another 10,000 belong to Kuki community. All 23,000 persons have been accommodated in various Army and Assam Rifles Company Operating Bases/ Military Garrisons on humanitarian grounds.

While the above figures objectively bring out equal efforts of the Army towards the two communities fighting with each other on the streets, it would be worthwhile to mention that persons from both the communities are staying in complete harmony with each other within the safe confines of Army & Assam Rifles camps after being rescued.

The above could well serve to be a model for all other members of the same community to emulate.

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