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Kolkata Assamese Cultural Association Organized Rongali Bihu in Kolkata

Kolkata Assamese Cultural Association  organized a “Cultural Program” in celebration of “Rongali Bihu” the colorful, vibrant & principal festival of the State of Assam – on the 7th of May, 2023 at Madhusudhan Mancha in Kolkata.

The event is named “Kolkata Rongali Bihu” welcoming the onset of the Spring Season.

The event began with a “Mukoli Bihu” on the open ground of the venue wherein every individual present, joined in with full vibe and enjoyment. President, Dr. Khanindra Pathak emphasized in his welcome speech the cultural bonding of Assam and Bengal. He also expressed the views behind Kolkata Rongali Bihu and its popularity over the years in Bengal.

The Chief Guest of the event was Lieutenant General Rana Pratap Kalita. Kalita is the General Commanding-in-Chief of the Eastern Command. He attended the event along with his wife Mrs. Nisha Kalita. Also, Kalita launched the official website www.kaca.org.in  of KACA for the public.

Pabitra Margherita, Member of Parliament ( Rajya Sabha ) also grace the occasion with his kind presence along with other prominent dignitaries.

The cultural section of the event was a “Xattriyya Dance” performance by a team led by Xattriyya exponent  Anita Sharma, a “Bihu Husori” performance by the team of KACA, and a traditional Assamese Folk song performance by  Priyanka Mondal. Popular singer, “Dikshu Sarma” enthralled the evening with his rendition of popular numbers and Assames Bihu songs.

In addition, keeping up with the past tradition of harnessing and highlighting literary skills, primarily by the people of Assam residing in Kolkata, a trilingual yearly magazine named “Sristi” was also inaugurated on that same day. The 12th edition of Sristi is edited by Dr. Sangita Saikia and co-edited by Chandamita Goswami and Subham Goswami.

Kolkata Assamese Cultural Association (KACA), is a socio, literary and cultural organization registered under the Government of West Bengal, showcasing and promoting Assam’s “Cultural and Literary” work. For over a decade, KACA has been presenting and promoting Bihu Husori, the folk dance of the prime festival of Assam in Kolkata and many others parts of Bengal. The society is established to celebrate “Unity and Brotherhood” among the people of Assam and Bengal.

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