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First Barak International Film Festival ( Short Film Contest) Scheduled to be held 20th and 21st may 2023

Occasion of First Barak international film festival (short film contest), scheduled to be held 20th and 21st may 2023, a press meet held today on press club of Silchar  to elaborate the aims and objectives to the public.

On behalf of the Festival committee  Chairman Ajoy Roy, Festival Director Buddha Das and executive members Rajkumar Mazinder, Himadri shekar das, Gaurav barthakur acs, Swapan Kumar  kar and  Anakshi Roy are present in the press meet .

As Chairman Dr Ajoy Roy Initiate the discussion before the press meet and subsequently others members of the festival committee have precipitated in the discussion.

Barak Valley is the one of the important Place of the Southern Assam which has it’s own rich Heritage. It’s various culture, different religion, several tribes makes the valley special in terms of the Cultural Field. If we peek into the history of Barak Valley, revolution was always a matter of pride. Public figure like Mahatma Gandhi, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Bipin Chandra Paul,  Rabindra Nath Tagor even once left their foot prints in our beautiful valley.

Freedom fighter Ullashkar Dutta spent last part of his life in Silchar which is the integral part of Barak Valley. Rajbari of the king of Dimasa is situated in the Khashpur. Shipahi Bidroho movement is still a memory for the Karimganj district as well as Lakhipur area of cachar district.

Practice of Performing arts, music, literature has already touched the milestone of 100 glorious years.

Practice of film arts by individual film lovers are there in the districts of valley and few films of social relevance were also made by some film makers.

Barak valley’s demographical position; also presence of educational institutions of our valley such as Assam university , Guru charan College  having mass communication dependent, attraction for good films also interest for the process of film making still not remarkably found amongst young generation. Hence to give an exposer to the young generation about the content and aesthetics of film art.

“Barak international film festival”(Short film contest ) for the first time in the history of Barak valley.Bikshan Cine commune and Rwitiz Cine society of Karimganj are practicing films since ages
We have also the part of it.

In spite of it, films of various part of our country has made a landmark in all of our lives.

This film festival is having short film Compitition which contains 2 minute to 30 minutes of films and all the films are being submitted online.

Films from Japan Bangladesh etc and in different languages have been submitted by the participants.

18th April was the last date of online film submission. All together 33 Films were officially short selected screening.

Which have been sent to the juri members for final selection of the contest.

Jury Member Deep Choudhury from Assam and Pamplly from Kerala. will declared there final result by them salve in the closing ceremony on 21st evening .

Festival committee apples to all sensitive citizen of Barak Valley and others part of Assam and Northeast to come and enjoy selected short film of different stature which will be screened through out these two days of the Barak International film festival (Short Film Contest) at Rajiv Bhawan, Silchar on 20th & 21st May from 10am to 9pm. There is no entry fee, festival is open to all.

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