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May 15, 2023 #BSF

(Nadia District)

On May 14, 2023, Border Post Ramnagar’s jawans, from the 08 Battalion under the South Bengal Frontier, swiftly acted upon credible information and apprehended a smuggler with three gold biscuits. The total weight of the seized gold biscuits is 349 grams, valued at Rs 21,55,384/-.

It is noteworthy that the jawans of Border Outpost Ramnagar received reliable intelligence that a smuggler disguised as a farmer could smuggle gold. In response, the jawans increased vigilance in the area. After a while, the alleged farmer went to his farming, and the jawans cordoned off the area. Upon seeing the jawans, the farmer got scared, threw some items and started to run away, but the jawans caught him immediately. Upon searching the area, the jawans discovered the gold biscuits. The apprehended smuggler, identified as Shamin Dhak from District Nadia, was brought to the border post for interrogation.

During the interrogation, the smuggler confessed that Motiur Mandal, a Ramnagar resident, informed him that Motiur Rahman, a Bangladesh resident, would provide him with gold biscuits. He further stated that upon successful delivery, he would receive a considerable amount of money from Motiur Rahman. However, the BSF jawans thwarted their plans.

The arrested smuggler, along with the seized gold biscuits, was handed over to the Customs Department in Majdia for further legal action.

The Border Security Force urges people living near the border to report any information related to gold smuggling to BSF’s Seema Saathi helpline no. 14419. Additionally, the South Bengal Frontier has issued another number, 9903472227, where WhatsApp or voice messages related to gold smuggling can be sent. A suitable reward will be given to the informant, and their identity will be kept confidential.

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